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Questions / F.A.Q.

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. What is a VSC?  The VSC expression is used to identify the malfunctioning of a vertebral articulation, added sometimes by misaligned vertebraes. This unbalances the nervous system, which can’t react in an optimal way. Vertebral degeneration that accompany VSC can lead to different changes that impair the body’s movement and natural adaptation mechanism. When VSC is left uncorrected for a long time, the spine can be affected by significant changes. The disc shrink causing a myriad of potential problems and calcium deposition can block circulation and alter nerve impulses. At that time, complete return to normal cannot always be expected. It is therefore important to prevent the damages before they occur, by being adjusted as soon as the VSC is present
  2. Why are many treatments necessary to correct a vertabrae subluxation?  Muscles and ligaments are used to work in a certain manner, result of many weeks or ever years of misalignment or lack of movement. Therefoe, repetition of adjustments stimulate and teaches to the body how to do its job in a less stressful and more economical manner. With time, treatments are spaced out, because the body learns to work better. Chiropractic care can be compared to orthodontic cares.Teeth like vertabrae are part of the body and it would be as worthless to be adjusted only a few times as to wear braces only a few days.
  3. Why do some people react slower than others to treatment?  A lot of factors can explain this situation;

• chronic: a long lasting problem is harder to correct
• hard work or activities can slow down recovery
• Age: the older er are the slower is the recovery
• stress: can hinder the cure

Can certain symptoms (pain for example ) worsen after first treatments?

The first treatments are mainly to restore movement of the vertebrae. Some of those vertebrae have not moved for a long time and like an exercise that we haven’t practice in long time, it is normal to feel muscle ache. This situation is temporary and pain lessens rapidly.

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